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Stake your PoS assets while earning DeFi yields

Multichain Liquid
Staking Protocol

Why liquid stake with DAWN?


Receive stkASSETS with Dawn to ensure liquidity for staked PoS assets. Dawn provides a solution to unlock the value of staked assets, allowing users to maintain flexibility while participating in Proof-of-Stake networks.


Maximum security is prioritized with Dawn, employing a multi-layered approach that encompasses extensive security audits, bug bounties, and on-chain monitoring. These robust measures collectively ensure the safety and integrity of the platform, instilling confidence in users as they navigate decentralized finance with their staked assets.

Capital Efficiency

Maximize your yields with Dawn by capitalizing on staking rewards and exploring diverse stkASSET DeFi opportunities, all while ensuring the security of the underlying Proof-of-Stake (PoS) chain.

3 Steps to Liquidity Staking


Stake your PoS ASSET

Choose a substantial token amount for staking with Dawn, leveraging its strong validator set to earn attractive staking rewards.


Receive stkASSET

Acquire stkASSET tokens with Dawn, witnessing an increment in value corresponding to your staked amount with each epoch through rewarding staking mechanisms.


Tap into DeFi

Leverage the potential of your stkASSET tokens with Dawn by exploring diverse opportunities available in the DeFi section of Dawn's application.

"We need more decentralized staking."

"We need more decentralized staking."

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